attic-living-room-decorating-idea-the-attic-interior-designMany sellers forget about the attic when it comes to selling their home, however, that is a mistake. While you should consider remodeling it to accommodate a bonus room, do not consider it if you aren’t going to hire a professional to get an opinion on whether or not it even can. An engineer or contractor is who you need to speak with. They’ll let you know whether or not the framing and foundation can support the extra furniture and fixtures–as well as general use of the space.

You absolutely cannot begin an attic remodel without finding out what you are working with regarding weight limits. The allowed capacity will determine the size and weight of the furniture and fixtures you are able to buy, as well as what type of floor. add-color-to-the-attic-room-with-some-lovely-wall-art

Attics are in fact exposed to the outdoor weather. Therefore, you must have a contractor come to insulate the space; usually with spray foam. If not properly insulated, the space will not allow for comfort during both the warm and winter seasons. Flooring will need additional support. The base must be insulated as well to prevent hearing noises in the attic from below; you may also choose to consider using carpet if you’d like the sound to be minimized even more. attic-bedroom-ideas16

Most homeowners opt for carpet on the stairs leading up to the attic rather than the attic itself. In terms of the ceiling, you may consider adding a window which will let light in, as attics can sometimes feel small and claustrophobic without windows. Skylights are a great way to do this without having to spend a lot of money adding windows.

Do realize that if you want the attic to be a bedroom, you’ll need to build a bathroom. Even if you aren’t planning to sell your home any time soon, guests (and yourself) will find it extremely inconvenient to keep going up and down to use the restroom. Furthermore, it may make guests feel uncomfortable when they run into you in the hallway with their toothbrush in the morning on the way to the bathroomattic-living-2

Aside from the fact, that any time you perform a remodel or an addition to your home, you need to consider the resale value. In order to plan the bathroom, you’ll need to call a plumber to get everything installed, such as the drains, appliances, and pipes. It is wise to install a ceiling fan. While they aren’t very popular or trendy these days, their practicality will never go out of style.

Of course, a ceiling fan is still not enough, so you are going to need to install a heating and cooling system. The thermostat should be separate from the rest of the home. It is not practical to use your main home thermostat to heat and cool the attic. It will completely drain you financially, aside from the fact, that it won’t heat and cool the attic well. For example, you may have to set the temperate in your home to 60 degrees just for it to be bearable in the attic. awesome-attic-studio-residence-decoration-design

Remember that attics have lower ceilings than do the other floors inside of the main home. When choosing cabinets, sofas, televisions, or really anything, you’ll want to keep this in mind when searching to decorate and renovate your attic.

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  1. Sarah


    I LOVED renovating our attic. We use it for guests now, and they love it. It was expensive to install a bathroom in there, but I think its very convenient for guests.

    • wpadmin


      Great! If you have the money, you really should put a bathroom in the attic. When someone views a house and sees a renovated attic, they do think long and hard about it if there isn’t a bathroom. If they use it for a bedroom, where will the guests or occupants use the bathroom? They’ve got to walk downstairs. And, is there another bathroom downstairs that is separate, or will they have to share? Or, if it is an office, they won’t want to walk down the stairs to use the restroom.

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